Hernando de soto accomplishments

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It is generally agreed that he landed on the west coast of florida, and there are indications from the expeditions journals that the inland sea his advance party spoke of was lake michigan. He lead the first european expedition deep into the territory of the modernday united states and was probably the first european to discover the mississippi river the expedition was looking for gold and for a way to china. His original dream was to develop his own automobile. The spanish were so successful in their conquest of mexico, central. Explorers and their accomplishments flashcards quizlet. His crew members sank his corpse in the mississippi riversoft facts. While it was not his intention to become a ruthless explorer.

He was born to parents who lived in extremadura, an area of great hardship and poverty. He lead the first european expedition deep into the territory of the modernday united states and was probably the first european to discover the mississippi river. He is responsible for the colonization of several central american cities. His actions led to the fall of the inca civilization and granted him more influence. Ill try to give you a little direction and some links. Pizarro, his comrade and confidant, went on to explore south america. He founded the institute for liberty and democracy. The spanish famously and infamously defeated the ruler and his brother of the incan empire and went on to establish spanish colonies in the americas.

But, the king and queen of spain did not send him on his exploration so in other words he got to keep all of the gold. This set will help you remember the accomplishments of specific explorers. After one of his expeditions he returned to spain with 18,000 ounces of gold. At this time, the land was inhabited by the inca empire. His travels took him through presentday georgia, the carolinas, tennessee, arkansas, oklahoma, louisiana, texas, and mississippi. He died of a fever on may 21, 1542 and was buried on the banks of the mississippi river. He is believed to have been the first european explorer to lead an expedition deep into what is now the united states. He then began an extensive trek of exploration across a broad swath of what today is the southeastern portion of the united states. Sent to north america to conquer what is now florida. An explorer and conquistador, or conqueror, he may have been the first european to see the mississippi river. It is also believed he may have been the first explorer to be documented crossing the mississippi river.

Or at least, he was the only one who left records of it. Oct 01, 2015 hernando desoto capitalism and poverty duration. Being a younger son, he was not entitled to any inheritance, so he decided to seek his fortune in new spain or present day mexico in 1535. Hernando put these dreams aside to concentrate on the job of being an explorer. Mai 1542 wahrscheinlich am mississippi river wenige. He began this career very early, in the tropical rain forest of what is now panama.

He returned to the new world in november 1538 and he was able to put together an army of spanish soldiers and horses. He landed with about 600 men and about 220 horses, and from there he proceeded northward to presentday tallahassee, where he and his men spent the winter of 153940 in the territory of the chiefdom of apalachee. He helped conquer many lands in parts of central and south america, including those of the inca. He is the president of the institute for liberty and democracy ild, located in lima, peru. He and his soldiers were the first europeans to set foot in what is now arkansas. Four written accounts of the expedition provide details about his trek through the state.

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