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Plans on this site have been designed using anyrail track planning software. Model railroad software building your model railroad. Small o scale layouts model train track layout software ho n o. With scarm you can easily create the layout of your dreams. Weve included every train set component we can find, so you can draw on all the major manufacturers to create the perfect railroad layout. The reason for trying to design your own plan is to bring attention to your strengths and weaknesses in order to make your layout a working reality. It is the first complete new track system lionel has introduced since 1957, and has rapidly gained popularity due to its ease of assembly, good looks, and large variety of available pieces.

Just gearing up to start building a nice permanent layout and want to get a software package to design my set. Best free track planning software o gauge railroading on. Were creating track layout sketches like this one, on which you can click to see key features, as well as open up a video view of what the engineer in the locomotive would see as the train moves around the track. O scale structure detailing as well as o scale trackside, city and waterfront detailing. Download the files and see them in 2d editor and 3d viewer of scarm track planner.

The train size scale will determine the size of the track layout. The key is to use the software to do the curves for you, that way you wont be doing it inaccurately by hand. How to add power to your layout lionel fastrack is our most popular selling track. What you will end up with is an actual scale drawing of your plan that will fit in. Fastrack layout designs fastrack layout designs for christmas trees. Large lshaped oscale train layout, designed with the classic lionel tubular tracks, allowing simultaneous running of up to two trains and many other playing scenarios. Majority of o gauge model train layouts contain three rails, evenly spaced apart. See more ideas about train layouts, model trains and model train layouts. Special building a layout on a budget with over 60 layouts in 20 layout systems. O scale detail accessories, o scale finished details, o. With the trax viewer you can embed your layout plan in your own website or in a post on your favorite model railway forum. For those of you who want to play with scarm train layout software on a mobile device, this may be of help. More episodes to follow as i build my o gauge layout.

Classic layouts for o and o27 trains allgauge model. Heres a few things i have learned since starting to plan my new layout. This free guide from the experts at classic toy trains includes a salute to the small layout, with a smorgasbord of compact o gauge track plans using lionel fastrack ranging from 4 x 8 to 5 x 9 feet. Xtrackcad is a cad program for designing model railroad layouts. Nov 7, 2014 small o scale layouts model train track layout software ho n o scale gauge layouts plan. Great deals on o scale model railroad train tracks. Micro layouts for o o27 small track plans one of the glaring misconceptions about o and o27 trains is that they are too big for small living spaces. This is the most complete online database for free model train track plans and layouts of scarm projects and designs. This software allows you to create and customize your very own layout, view it as a 3d model and then generate a shopping list to make your dream layout a reality. Readers then can explore your track plan interactivly, scrolling and zooming in as they like.

All 3 rail o gauge track is configured where the middle rail provides the positive, or hot power to the train, while the two outer rails are grounded the advantage of this system will become evident when building more complex layouts. Lionel train forum is the source for lionel train discussion, lionel trains information, products, events and more. Model railroad backdrops layouts shelving displays o n ho scale g z s 806x269. It works well on carpet, hardwood or any flat surface. The realtrax system is available in our ho, o and standard gauge lineups. One of the easier model railroad software programs to master that doesnt cost much its free, is the track planning software available for download from the website as freeware and works fairly well for simple layout designs. Atlas layout packages are a hasslefree way to get started in the hobby and include all of the track needed to build your own layout so you can get to the fun part of running trains. Many would like a layout, but think they cannot do it on anything less than a 4 by 8 surface. The interesting aspect of an o gauge train rail is that the middle rail is the positive one so in other words its the hot rail while the other two outer ones are grounded. Layout plans plans have been divided according to the type of track arrangement, and the size of board they require. Initially, one layout standard gauge sketch with all features is available. This is another type of model railroad software that you will almost certainly find useful for your train layout not so much for planning purposes, but more for creation of signs, decals, old classic advertisements for your buildings or billboards, simulation of brick or stone walls, stained glass, window treatments, wallpaper, etc. We feature lionel, american flyer, mth, atlas o, williams trains, kline, weaver models, and more. A quick, super easy and free method to plan a layout with realistic constraints using layout design software called anyrail.

This is a my new renovated space for my train room. Though you cant tell from this christmas 1956 photo, i just received a lionel 3356 horse car and corral and a 3662 operating milk car. Once you know this about model railroad wiring, then you realize that in order for a reversing loop to work, you have to have a section of that reversing loop that is isolated from the rest of the track. Anyrail the easiest model railroad design software. O scale layout in o scale model railroad train tracks. Just because your trains are small doesnt mean your scenery has to be. Enjoy designing your layout anyrail ensures everything fits. Scarm the leading design software for model railroad layouts. Lionel has three types of o gauge track fastrack, o, and o27.

From tabletop z scale, through 4x8s, roomsized layouts, basement and outbuilding empires and a full scale ethanol plant, 3rd planit is the cad software chosen by the most discriminating hobbyists. Bachmann o williams tubular tracks bachmann o27 williams tubular tracks. Thousands of layouts have been designed and built using 3rd planit. O gauge railroading magazine a magazine dedicated to o. Making your model railroad more fun simple additions greatly enhance the operation of your o gauge model railroad layout once you get your first o gauge train set you imagine hours of enjoyment hau 00 gauge layouts from planning to construction stage model train buzz toy trains are typically seen indoors in a variety of settings. This software allows you to create and customize your very own layout, view it as a 3d model and then generate a shopping list to make your dream layout. The practicality of this method becomes evident when a rather large model train layout is built and the third rail becomes advantageous for. Large lshaped oscale train layout, designed with the classic lionel tubular tracks, allowing simultaneous. Free track plans for your model railway layout, railroad or train set. Atlas track planning software atlas model railroad. Lionel o scale model train layout ideas how to adult. New doorway layouts small layouts with tons of fun for o gauge, o27, atlas o, mth o and ho track. The polarity of this isolated section can be reversed as needed by a manual toggle switch, depending of which track you want your engine to travel on. You can join the ogr family with a subscription, print or digital to o gauge railroading magazine.

Scarm means simple computer aided railway modeller software for easy and precise design of model train layouts and railroad track plans. Just download the setup package, install it and start editing your first track plan. Click here for o gauge o 31 click here for more o gauge click here for atlas o. With very, very few exceptions, trains made by o gauge train makers will work on one anothers track. Model flextrack routes in an easy, intuitive and realistic way. A fast, easy and free way to plan a layout with realistic. O gauge layouts, howto articles and regular columns by the ogr staff. Lionel trestle set in o scale model railroad train tracks. Posted by jdmarkeriii on thursday, december 25, 2008 5. I want to get a track planning software to help design my new layout. Lionel layouts in o scale and one of the layouts from the above link in 2d and 3d. Model railroad scenic backgrounds model railroad track layout software 920x169. Layouts including a continuous run are filed under the first category, with modular plans, that may be incorporated into many different types of layout, listed in the second section. Lionel fastrack layout guide shop lionel trains mth.

With very, very few exceptions, trains made by o gauge train makers will work on. Fastrack fastrack, introduced in 2002, has become lionels primary track line and is now standard in all lionel train sets. Arrange your layout on multiple levels with different heights and grades. Select pieces from atlas 9 track lines and build your dream layout with ease. Various types of model railroad software are available which may be helpful for developing actual or virtual layouts.

Anyrail enables you to rocket through the planning phase, or tinker to your hearts content you don. All 3 rail o gauge track has three rails, spaced evenly apart, with the outer rails 1. A lot of work has gone into this layout design software to make it user friendly. Creating your own miniature o scale landscape with lionel trains remains a great hobby, even in our electronic age. Most plans have been designed using hooo gauge settrack with some sections of flexible track, and are grouped according. Evan designs software for creating realistic model train scenery in any scale including o scale. Powerful model railroad track planning editor for easy and precise design of. He wanted a double track mainline for multiple train. Model railway backdrops model train sets ho o n ho scale g z s gauge 822x539. I dont really want to buy a software because id use it so little so i was wondering what you guys think is the best free software. Mth includes a cdrom with realtrax layout design software in every set. These fun, interactive, o gauge layouts are perfect for under your christmas tree. O scale model railroad built up and pre finished details and buildings for model railroaders worldwide to detail their model railroad scenery and layouts.

No more templates to struggle with, no messy erasing and scribbling, no emergency table extensions propped on sawhorses, no last second hacking of the xmas tree, just pop up the menus off this fully graphical software in the gauge of your choice and plan away. Search it for railway layouts and railroad track plans by scale, size, tracks and other criteria. Lionel trains, renowned for their threerail, o gauge track system are synonymous with christmas decorations, you may feel inspired to create a layout that allows for switch tracks and operating car side rails. Designs, ideas, layouts, and prototype drawings of railway stations. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at. When its time to build, you can trust anyrails plans and shopping lists to produce a layout that works the first time. Micro layouts for o o27 allgauge model railroading page. American flyer fastrack layouts whether youre looking to switch up your s gauge layout or are creating your first one, here are some track design ideas for your train table or under your tree.

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